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Kennedy Walking Track

Discover the captivating beauty of the Kennedy Walking Track, a beloved coastal trail spanning a picturesque four-kilometer stretch from South Mission to Kennedy Bay. This delightful route seamlessly combines beach and forest walking, treating visitors to stunning island vistas and coastal panoramas.

Traversing diverse coastal rainforests, the track unveils a tapestry of landscapes, offering glimpses of the Family Group of Islands and opportunities to encounter the region's unique wildlife, from cassowaries to wallabies. With lookout points showcasing breathtaking ocean views, lucky observers might even spot turtles, dugongs, and dolphins in the azure waters.

Along the way, the track leads past the historical landing site of explorer Edmund Beasley Court Kennedy in 1848, lending a touch of heritage to the journey. For the more adventurous, extending the hike along Kennedy Bay's beach towards Hull River unveils more of the region's natural splendor.

The Kennedy Walking Track caters to various walking abilities, with a wide boardwalk leading to the initial beach, affectionately known as Lover's Beach. While the trail accommodates a wide range of walkers, the latter portion incorporates more stairs and some rock-hopping, adding a dash of adventure to the excursion.

Completing this enchanting coastal trek rewards visitors with a scenic experience that intertwines nature, history, and coastal charm, offering an unforgettable exploration of Mission Beach's coastal wonders.

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